Axle Annie
Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

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Axle Annie is the best school bus driver in Burskyville--especially when it comes to driving up snow-covered Tiger Hill, the toughest slope in town. Because of Annie, the superintendent never has to declare a snow day. And that's why grouchy bus driver Shifty Rhodes hatches a plot to stop Annie in her tracks!

-Smithsonian Magazine, Notable Book for Children, 1999
-a Book-of-the-Month Club Selection

-Nest Literary Classic

ISBN 0-8037-2096-3

"Sure to be a seasonal hit." - School Library Journal

"Prepare to read out loud... and laugh out loud! A frigid fable about teamwork and perseverance." - Planetesme.

Author's Note:

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Two things I have feared in my life are driving in snowstorms and public speaking. My first school visit ever was scheduled for April 11, 1990, soon after the publication of Mrs. Toggle's Zipper. That turned out to be the day of the biggest snowstorm of 1990 in Upstate New York. Halfway to the school I got completely stuck! I called my sister and brother-in-law, Claire and Dick, who came to my rescue. Nine years later, I dedicated Axle Annie to them. Now I find myself driving to schools (sometimes in snowy weather) to speak to large groups of people about this book! I wear sparkly snowflake earrings to give me courage.

Steve Spangler Science has an Axle Annie kit (it includes the book!) that lets you make your own snow!